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            The structure and classification of hardware molds?

            Publisher: Administrator Date:2024-01-10

            In industrial production, hardware molds are used in various presses and specialized tools installed on presses. So what are their structures and classifications? Let's briefly introduce it below!
            Structure: Generally, a simple stamping die is composed of a convex die, a concave die, a convex die fixing plate, a concave die fixing plate, a discharge plate, a base, an upper support, a cushion plate, etc.
            (1) According to their process properties, they are divided into cutting dies, punching dies, trimming dies, bending dies, drawing dies, forming dies, and flanging dies, etc;
            (2) According to their combination of processes, they are divided into single process molds, composite molds, and continuous molds;
            (3) According to the structural form, it can be divided into unguided molds, guide pillar molds, and guide plate molds according to the upper and lower mold guidance methods; Divided into fixed unloading die and elastic unloading die according to the unloading device; According to the form of material blocking, it is divided into fixed material blocking nail punching die, movable material blocking pin punching die, guide pin punching die, and side edge fixed distance punching die, etc;
            (4) According to the materials used for convex and concave molds, they are divided into hard alloy molds, steel hard alloy molds, steel sheet dies, rubber dies, and polyester dies, etc.
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