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            What are the maintenance methods for hardware molds?

            Publisher: Administrator Date:2024-01-10

            The maintenance of injection molds mainly includes three points: daily maintenance of injection molds: various moving parts such as the ejector pin, row position, guide pillar, and guide sleeve are lubricated, the mold surface is cleaned, and the drainage channel for water transportation is maintained every day during mold production. Regular maintenance of injection molds: Regular maintenance includes not only daily maintenance but also cleaning of exhaust slots, adding exhaust to trapped gas and burnt black areas, and correcting damaged and worn parts. Appearance maintenance of injection molds: Paint the outer side of the mold to prevent rust. When lowering the mold, apply rust proof oil to the fixed and moving molds. When storing the mold, it should be tightly closed to prevent dust from entering the mold cavity. The above maintenance content is provided by Jiucheng Mold Factory for you.

            During the use of hardware stamping molds, there may be phenomena such as the punch breaking, twisting, and gnawing. The punch sleeve is usually gnawed, and the damage to the punch and punch sleeve is usually replaced with the same standard part. The pressing parts in hardware stamping molds, such as pressing plates, Uni glue, etc; Unloading parts such as discharge plates, pneumatic top materials, etc. During maintenance and upkeep, it is necessary to check whether the accessories of each component are damaged. If there is any damage, it should be corrected in a timely manner. The pneumatic top material should be checked for any air leakage and detailed measures should be taken for the condition. If the trachea is damaged, it can be replaced. Springs and other elastic parts in metal stamping molds are most susceptible to damage during use, usually exhibiting cracking and deformation; The maintenance method can be replaced, but during the replacement process, attention must be paid to the standard and type of the spring. The standard and type of the spring go through three major items: color, outer diameter, and length. Replacement can only be carried out if all three items are the same. The above are maintenance methods for hardware stamping molds. Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Precision Mold Hardware Manufacturing Factory is a hardware stamping processing and production oriented enterprise, mainly engaged in various types of precision hardware stamping molds, hardware stamping springs, automotive hardware accessories, precision stretching parts, hardware clips, heat sinks, CNC computer gong processing parts, mobile power source casings, etc. And provide design and drawing services to customers, reduce modifications in product design, shorten development cycles, solve worries about mold and component design and processing, and enable products to be pushed to the market faster.
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