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The Side Ways, Book One: Awake. Purchase here 

From the Amazon reviews: "There should be a warning label on this book: Do not start reading if you have any important plans today... A complex new world of power and magic with its own history and internal logic. Definitely worth your time... I really enjoyed this book... A page turner of a story, set in a world that is surprisingly complex, internally consistent and absolutely unlike anything else I've read... I'm left sitting here wondering how to remain calm while waiting for the next books."

The Side Ways, Book Two: Aware. Purchase here

From the Amazon reviews: "I loved it even more than the first... The same attention to detail and the same humor as we saw in Awake... Where the first book gave us the outlines and shading of Kendra's world, this book adds depth and color to the story... Some scenes in the first book mean something entirely different than I thought they did on the first pass...and all of this without breaking the internal logic of the story. That is a rare and special thing, accomplished by only a few master storytellers."

The Side Ways, Book Three: Again. Purchase here​

From the Amazon reviews: "The fantasy is so rational and well-developed, it's almost science fiction... I thoroughly recommend this book and entire series for any teen/young adult...Well written and absolutely engaging...  Twists and turns that leave you blinking then make you dive back in to see where it all leads... a breathtaking conclusion to the trilogy that leaves you daydreaming about the world and characters... Also, yay, Parrot Girl!"

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