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The Last Jedi: The movie GenX fans of the original trilogy have been waiting for

[Note: There will be no spoilers. Unless you haven't seen episodes 1-7.] Before you hear what I think of Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi, it's important for you to know three things: I was 11 when "New Hope" came out. Which is, I think, the perfect age to have seen that movie. I was a big fantasy and sci-fi reader, and this film gave a boost to both my personal and our cultural interest in sci-fi. I describe myself as a "big, normal fan" of the original trilogy (4-6). That means that I saw the movies multiple times in the theaters, owned them all on various media, have played the video games and built the Lego sets. I have not, however, read any of the books, written fan-fic, authored or

The animal is never wrong

On the dedication page of "Aware," you'll see that I thank the "GURPS crew." These are a group of folks I have (on-and-off) played live pen-and-paper RPG games with for more than 20 years. If that sounds like a long time, some of them had been playing together for nearly 20 years when I joined the gang. Primarily, we play GURPS, which is the Generic, Universal Role Playing System from Steve Jackson Games. Basically, GURPS is to D&D what Protestantism is to Catholicism. But regardless of the system you use, the fun you'll have is dependent on the group you play with and the skill, creativity and humor of the game master (GM). These guys are amazing. Wonderful players, wonderful GMs. Good time

Why open source the world?

I've been working on The Side Ways for more than 10 years. It has been an exercise in "world building" as much as writing. In many cases -- for those of us who write fantasy, sci-fi, speculative fiction, etc. -- the world building part is actually the most fun. Figuring out, "How did the characters get here? What's the history? Where are the connections?" I've done this for both fiction and traditional, multi-person role-playing games; D&D, GURPS, Traveler, etc. The main difference between doing it as an author and a game master (GM) is that when you game, you open up the world for the players to mess around with. This makes some authors very jumpy. It's understandable. If you're building a

The spaces between

I've had the basic ideas for world of "The Side Ways" in my head for more than ten years. The first book, "Awake," was finished in 2015 and the second was written in 2016 with finishing touches, edits, proofing completed in late 2017 (I hope... maybe early 2018). Why so long between concept and the completion of Book 1? The pedantic answer? Because I've got a day gig, a 2nd day gig, a family, a house, a dog and a mortgage. The more ethereal answer? The characters were whispering for a few years. When they started yelling... I got to work. This first blog post is basically to get things started for me here on this new home for The Side Ways. We'll see what comes next. Thanks for visiting.


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