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Audio book, first chapter (in two parts)

So my 11-month-long sore throat issue has finally been resolved. If you're interested, adding a wedge pillow and not eating after 8pm finally knocked the acid reflux down enough to allow my throat to heal.

So much information you didn't need! What you did need, was the first full chapter of the audio book, in two parts:

I'd pushed out part 1 a few months ago, but it wasn't as good quality; both because of my voice, and my recording kit. Both have improved. :-)

I hope you enjoy. If I finish the whole book, I may release the chunks as a podcast or something, and put the whole thing up for purchase on Amazon. They do that, too, of course...

I'm currently using the free version of SoundCloud to host these. I've only got around 180 minutes of time left on the free account, which should get me through around... three more chapters. We'll see after that. Let me know if you have any good ideas for hosting audio files in a way that makes it easy for folks to listen for free.

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