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Book 3, "Again," now available

So I haven't written anything on this blog for more than a year. Because I was writing the book. As a reader of other people's books, I felt that this is what my readers would want me to do.

All three books are now available on Amazon.

I'm thinking about continuing to blog here on topics related to the marketing of the series, writing/creativity topics in general and anything else that keeps me entertained. Then pushing that out on the Facebook page for the series and LinkedIn because... content.

Anyways. It's good to have written a trilogy. On my bucket list of things I wanted to accomplish in life, two of them got done within 60 days of each other: pay off the mortgage on my house and finish writing a fantasy trilogy. So now I just have to remember where I'll hide the key to my time machine next week, and...

I've said (or will say) too much...

Go read the books.

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